Rotorua Route 5 - Western Heights via Selwyn Heights

This timetable is valid for Monday to Saturday
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6:40AM - 11:25AM

Rotorua CBD 6:55AM 7:25AM 7:55AM 8:25AM 8:55AM 9:25AM 9:55AM 10:25AM 10:55AM
Selwyn Heights (Shops) 7:03AM 7:33AM 8:03AM 8:33AM 9:03AM 9:33AM 10:03AM 10:33AM 11:03AM
Western Heights (Gordon Road) 7:05AM 7:35AM 8:05AM 8:35AM 9:05AM 9:35AM 10:05AM 10:35AM 11:05AM
Western Heights (Cnr Clayton / Spencer) 6:40AM 7:10AM 7:40AM 8:10AM 8:40AM 9:10AM 9:40AM 10:10AM 10:40AM 11:10AM
Western Heights (Cnr Steeles / Clayton) 6:45AM 7:15AM 7:45AM 8:15AM 8:45AM 9:15AM 9:45AM 10:15AM 10:45AM 11:15AM
Rotorua CBD 6:55AM 7:25AM 7:55AM 8:25AM 8:55AM 9:25AM 9:55AM 10:25AM 10:55AM 11:25AM

11:25AM - 4:55PM

Rotorua CBD 11:25AM 11:55AM 12:25PM 1:25PM 1:55PM 2:25PM 2:55PM 3:25PM 3:55PM 4:25PM
Selwyn Heights (Shops) 11:33AM 12:03PM 12:33PM 1:03PM 2:03PM 2:33PM 3:03PM 3:33PM 4:03PM 4:33PM
Western Heights (Gordon Road) 11:35AM 12:05PM 12:35PM 1:05PM 2:05PM 2:35PM 3:15PM 3:35PM 4:05PM 4:35PM
Western Heights (Cnr Clayton / Spencer) 11:40AM 12:10PM 12:40PM 1:10PM 2:10PM 2:40PM 3:10PM 3:40PM 4:10PM 4:40PM
Western Heights (Cnr Steeles / Clayton) 11:45AM 12:15PM 12:45PM 1:15PM 2:15PM 2:45PM 3:15PM 3:45PM 4:15PM 4:45PM
Rotorua CBD 11:55AM 12:25PM 12:55PM 1:25PM 2:25PM 2:55PM 3:25PM 3:55PM 4:25PM 4:55PM

4:55PM - 6:25PM

Rotorua CBD 4:55PM 5:25PM 5:55PM
Selwyn Heights (Shops) 5:03PM 5:33PM 6:03PM
Western Heights (Gordon Road) 5:05PM 5:35PM 6:05PM
Western Heights (Cnr Clayton / Spencer) 5:10PM 5:40PM 6:10PM
Western Heights (Cnr Steeles / Clayton) 5:15PM 5:45PM 6:15PM
Rotorua CBD 5:25PM 5:55PM 6:25PM